Jacob Smith, Jr. Bible
Bible of Jacob Smith, Jr. with inscription

Our Heritage

Jacob and Barbara Schmidt purchased a tract of land on what was then the frontier of Pennsylvania’s vast “Greenwood” in 1792.  Nearly a quarter of a millennium and generations later, the Smith family is still producing food for our table and yours farming this fertile bottomland on the headwaters of the Cocolamus Creek.  Welcome to our home on the web.

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Our Farm

Building on tradition

Today, a second generation of buildings house the operations of the farm. Daniel Smith (seated at right) replaced the 18th Century originals during the latter part of the 19th Century, with additions constructed in the early 20th Century by Banks A. Smith (standing behind, right). Maintaining all of these structures in functional condition in the 21st Century is a challenge. (Photo Spring, 1918)
Female pig in grass field


Growing green grass provides micronutrients and minerals that standard stock feed cannot.  Allowing animals the freedom to range on pasture enables them to selectively choose what they’re eating.  This also gives the animals an opportunity to express natural behaviors, eliminating many problems that arise simply because the animal is bored.  Research shows that access to living plants enhances the vitamin content of eggs, as well as meat, from pasture-raised animals.  See selected research articles here.


The Smith Family also operates a sawmill about 1 mile north of the farm.  Visit us online.

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