Our laying flock is housed in a circa 1920 building which was state-of-the-art at the time. In fact, it still provides quarters for our hens in such a way that we have excellent production rates all year round. The semi-monitor style allows for ample lighting and air circulation. It features rollout nest boxes that keep the eggs clean and securely out of reach of the hens until they are gathered. (Hens will voraciously consume cracked eggs, and—over time—learn to break them in order to reach the golden goodness inside!) We use no antibiotics or hormones to produce our eggs.  Currently, there are around 100 hens, which a commercial hybrid of Rhode Island Reds. The hens stay inside at night, safe from predators, and head out into the pasture each day. We offer eggs self-service at our farmstand.

Smtih Farm pasture-raised egg
Golden yolk of a pastured egg from Smith Farm
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Smith Farm farmstand
The farmstand at 543 Whitehall Rd McAlisterville PA 17049