Pasture-raised Broilers

Chickens on pasture at Smith Farm McAlisterville
Broiler chickens resting in pasture

Broilers are chickens that reach maturity very quickly; from egg to table takes only 5-8 weeks, depending on the preferred size.  Our chickens are all raised with no hormones and no antibiotics.  The broilers are finished on pasture, moved every day to fresh grass.

Our last flock of 2020 is on pasture and growing well.  The birds will likely be a bit larger than the last flock, with most in the 5-7 pound range.  If you prefer a larger chicken for your Thanksgiving meal, instead of turkey, we expect most of the November 19 (one week before Thanksgiving) birds will be toward the heavy end of the scale.  We are now taking deposits for November 10 and November 19 pickup dates.  Follow our Facebook page for regular updates.

We are pleased to be working with Reiff’s Poultry of Mifflinburg, to offer you a vacuum-packed ready to use or freeze chicken.  They can be cut to your specifications:  9 pieces (which separates the drumstick from the thigh), 7 pieces (drumstick attached to thigh), quarters, halves, or whole birds.  Hearts and livers will be available, packaged separately.  If you would like the gizzard included, there will be a 50¢ charge.  You will find all of these options on the order page.

Pastured chicken weights will be rounded down to the full pound and cost $3.75 per pound.  A 4-5 lb chicken will be $15; over 5, but under 6, will be $18.75; and so on.  To comply with all state and federal regulations, we must have your order in hand before the birds are processed.  The order page will require a deposit to enable this.

We raise very small batches of birds, which allows us to monitor the chickens closely and ensure that they are healthy.  Unfortunately, because our flocks are small, we cannot facilitate pre-orders of specific weights.