In 2019, we acquired some crossbred piglets.  As they grew, one of the females increased in size significantly faster than her littermates.  These pigs were intended to become freezer pork; however, the remarkable growth of this one gilt (young female pig) gave us pause.  At the end of the grow-out period, we decided to retain “Big Girl” for breeding.  Taking full control of the entire pork production process, from farrow (birth of the piglets) to finish, was our plan, although we were not sure when.  Following the visit of an ABA-registered Berkshire boar from Brummer Farms, the first litter of our current herd was born on June 26, 2020.  While we are unsure of the heritage of our foundation sow, later conversation with another pig breeder in Union County, suggests that she may have come from there and was a mix of Poland China and Berkshire

We have continued to utilize high-quality registered Berkshire boars from Brummer Farms to enhance the genetics of our herd.  Our pigs exhibit great mothering qualities, have docile temperaments, and have the ability to produce tender marbled pork quickly.  They are pastured in addition to receiving locally-milled grain.  We have had butcher hogs that were in excess of 320 pounds at 180 days from birth.

On occasion sows will farrow in the pasture, but we usually confine them in a stable to prepare for the birth of their litter.  We never use farrowing crates, which constrain the movement of the mother and do not allow them to turn or practice normal mothering skills.  Instead, we use deep straw bedding and provide for a natural experience for the expectant mothers.  We allow piglets to stay with the sow until eight weeks of age or more, enabling them to be fully feeding on their own for a few weeks before weaning.  When they are weaned, piglets often weigh more than 40 pounds—sometimes as much as 60!—allowing for a low-stress transition.

We offer weaned piglets for others to raise to feed their families.  If you are looking for hardy stock that can thrive in wooded or grassland pastures, these pigs are sure to please.  Generally, we have weaners available from early Spring through mid-Summer.  These piglets will be wormed, castrated, and familiar with electric fence.  Please contact us to reserve yours or for more information.

Carefully selected young hogs can make great breeding stock, as well.  There are pigs herds throughout Pennsylvania and along the Eastern United States that have genetics from our free-ranging hogs.  There is more advance planning required for breeding pigs, especially boarlings, so get in touch with us early to ensure that we have what you need.

The cornerstone of our pig operation is producing freezer pork for our local customers.  These hogs produce a deeply-colored, marbled meat that often is closer in appearance to beef than the pork on the shelf of a grocery store.  We offer half-hogs cut to your specifications.  This is a great way to enjoy a diverse range of meat cuts.  Since the pigs are raised in pastures, the meat is more vitamin-dense than pork produced in commercial barns.  See our research page for more information on the nutritional benefits of pasture-raised meat.  Check for available pork products here.