Deposit for pastured chicken, pickup evening of November 19


Pre-order deposit for pasture-raised chicken.  Pick-up at farm evening of November 19.  Total price is $3.75 per pound.

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This is a deposit to order for pasture-raised broilers, which have limited availability.  Pasture raised chicken has a flavor and nutrient profile completely unlike what you find in the grocer’s meat case.

The remainder of the payment will be due upon pickup the evening of November 19.

These chickens are fed high-quality locally-produced grain supplement in addition to free choice pasture.  Since we operate on such a very small scale, we are able to visually inspect each bird several times per day, ensuring that the flock is maintained at the peak of health.  We never use antibiotics or hormones to produce our chicken.

Final price will be calculated based on the weight of the dressed chicken (rounded down to the whole pound) times $3.75/lb.  For example, a 4.5 lb chicken would cost $15 (4 x $3.75), while a 6.25 lb. chicken would cost $22.50 (6 x $3.75).  Our expectation is that all of the chickens will be between 4 and 7 lbs.  Given the very small size of our flocks, it is not possible to pre-order exact weights of birds.

Birds will be vacuum packed and ready to freeze if you are not planning to use them fresh.  Hearts, livers, and gizzards will be available, packaged separately. Simply click the check boxes for which giblets you would like included.  Hearts and livers have no added cost.  If you would like the gizzard included, there will be a 50¢ additional charge.  Processing will be completed by Reiff’s Poultry Dressing, a licensed and inspected Pennsylvania processor.  To comply with all state and federal regulations, we must have sold the chicken before it is prepared, which is why we are requiring a deposit.


APPPA card

Smith Farm, LLC is a member of the American Pastured Poultry Producer’s Association


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From Nutritional Analysis of Pastured Poultry Products” by Barb Gorski:

nutritional analysis of conventional and pastured chicken

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