One of the earliest accounts of quail as food dates from approximately 1500 BC!  Our quail are prodigious layers, beginning to do so at just 37 days old.  By six weeks, the males are ready for the table.  With a dressed weight of 5-6 ounces, it takes two quail for one serving.  They make a delectable meal.  (See this recipe for an idea of how exotic your next barbecue could be!)  

These quail are classified Coturnix coturnix, coturnix being the Latin word for quail, and are also known as Japanese, Egyptian, or Pharaoh Quail.  We raise a jumbo variety.

See the table below for products we hope to offer again in 2023.

A bowl of quail eggs
Eggs, 1 dozen packaged in recyclable clam-shell$3Check back in 2023
Quail eggs in recylcable clam-shell packaging

1 dozen quail eggs

Eggs, 50 (4 ⅙ dozen) packaged in paper pulp flat tray$11Check back in 2023
Quail eggs

Fresh quail eggs in paper tray

Chicks, straight run (mix of males and females, as hatched)$3Check back in 2023
coturnix chicks

Newly-hatched quail chicks

Adult females$8Check back in 2023
quail hens

Quail hens in pen

Adult males$6Check back in 2023
Smith Farm domestic quail rooster coturnix male

Smith Farm quail rooster

Small breeding colony,
10 adult females and 3 adult males
$85Check back in 2023
small quail colony

Small quail colony

Large breeding colony,
25 adult females and 5 adult males
$195Check back in 2023
quail colony

Quail breeding colony